Vegetable Green Juice

Barley grass: is very high in organic sodium, which dissolves calcium deposited on the joints and also replenishes organic sodium in the lining of the stomach. This aids digestion by improving the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Packaging:3g/stick, 50 sticks/package, 30 packages/carton

Benefits :

  • It is an anti-aging & beauty supplement drink
  • Drink contains Hyaluronic acid, Placenta for beauty management
  • The combination of Placenta, hyaluronic acid and vitamins
  • will rejuvenate your skin from inside
  • Even though it contains fish collagen, there is no fishy smell
  • Improvement of flecks, wrinkles and sags.
  • This powder drink supports healthy blood and circulation
  • This powder drink plays a vital role for the formation and maintenance of adequate levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells
  • This powder drink is essential for weight loss and good for the heart,healing of ulcers, correcting blood sugar problems and, most of all, as a general tonic
  • Benefits of indigestible dextrin ingredient in this drink: Created to supplement dietary fiber deficiency
  • It helps in lower the cholesterol

Recommended for all those who:

  • For all support healthy blood and circulation Dietary
  • Recovery of aging, and cell death
  • Suppresses the rise of blood sugar after eating
  • Muscle and strength gains, and also in our quest for fat loss.

Ingredients :

  • Green Barley Powder
  • Indigestible Dextrin
  • Kale Powder
  • Angelica Keiskei Powder
  • Bitter Squash Powder
  • Trehalose
  • Cyclic Oligosaccharide
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Vegetable Green Juice

Dietary fibre powder

Packaging: Aluminium Pouch (1.5g/pack)

Benefits :

  • With crab chitosan which is believed to interact with fat to limit theirabsorption in the body and squid chitosan which has high molecular weight, no extra diet is necessary.
  • Lactobacilli along with oligosaccharide can help stimulate the digestive system for smoother stools.
  • Smoothers stools for better skin conditions
  • Psyllium seeds will expand in the stomach to give you the feel of fullness
  • For all people who are on a diet
  • For all people who are having skin problems because of constipation
  • For all people who have the weak digestive system


Dextrin, glucose, peach juice powder, soybean protein, fructo-oligosaccharide, psyllium seed gum, fermented vegetable extract powder, gluconolactone, crab chitosan, citric acid, stabilizer, sweetener, flavor, sodium citrate, eggshell calcium, vegetable sterol, lysine hydrochloride, Alanine, arginine, proline

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Dietary fibre powder
4 in 1 Collagen Coffee drink

Salacia slimming powder

Packaging:1.0g x 30 sticks

Benefits :

  • It is a supplement for a diet purpose. Salacia extract, yacon extract and plant fiber reduce sugar absorption in the body.
  • Helping overweight individuals lose weight by giving a boost to their metabolism.
  • It dissolves well enough to mix with tea.
  • Salacia and Yacon extracts control sugar (carbohydrates) absorption in the body.

Recommended for all those who:

  • A person who want to keep healthy immune system
  • Good for people who have the risk of metablic syndrome,
  • Who have high blood pressures and who are on a diet.
  • Help strengthen the digestive system

Explanation of ingredients:

Salaciais oblonga use for blood sugar control, diet control etc. Salacia oblonga has a long tradition of use for thousands of years as an Indian Ayurvedic herb. A few studies have looked at the effects in humans and the early results in terms of blood sugar control. In Japan it has been sold as a food supplement for several years.

Yacon Extracts of this plant are very low in sugar. They also contain low number of calories. Peruans and Brazilians have used the roots of Yacon to treat Diabetes and some digestive disorders.

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