Cristian Imazu


Product Development & Regulatory Affairs

Cristian is educated in law and was an associate attorney in a boutique firm in Argentina during the first years of his career. After this initial experience, he was one of only 14 persons awarded a competitive scholarship from the Japan International Cooperation Agency in 2004. Specialized in patent law and public health policy in Kobe University (Japan), his thesis was then published by the Estacio de Sa University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After consulting for the legal team of a human resources company in Osaka, Cristian was invited to a strategic position at ShinMaywa Industries Co., Ltd (TSE: 7224) where his responsibility was to support the legal affairs of the company's foreign operations (JVs, M&A, licenses, distribution, procurement, sales, export-import control regulations, etc.) After successfully completing the establishment of ShinMaywa’s joint venture company in Singapore in 2010, Cristian fell under the spell of entrepreneurship. Currently, he is in charge of regulatory and product development at Nizona. Since 2011, Cristian is also a Visiting Professor of International Business Law at the Faculty of Business Administration of Kobe University. He is a fitness enthuisiast and amateur music composer and speaks fluently Japanese, English and Spanish in addition to command of other various latin tongues.

Nilesh Gandhi


International Sales and Marketing

Nilesh was born in Mumbai, India and graduated as an Electronics Engineer from Mumbai University where he also obtained his Diploma in Business Management (both passed with honors). A “serial entrepreneur”, Nilesh’ first company in Mumbai designed below-the-line advertising products (i.e., point-of-sale systems, window displays, catalogs, dispensers, brand identity programs, etc.) for reputed international brands such as Lorea’l, Walt Disney, Citibank, Star TV and others. Since moving to Japan in 2003, Nilesh has built two thriving trade operations; one in Japanese electronics and the second in baby products and cosmetics.Currently, as founding member of Nizona Corporation Nilesh is responsible for the company’s entire sales & marketing operations globally. Nilesh loves Japanese business ethics and is passionate about creating more awareness of Japanese healthcare, beauty and other FMCG products. He creates innovative sales and marketing systems and also helps our customers developing the appropriate products in their respective markets. Nilesh speaks English and Japanese in addition to his native Hindi, Gujarati, and several other Indian languages. In his free time Nilesh loves exercising, traveling and playing tennis.

Naruya Dama


Logistics & General Affairs

Naruya is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural natural entrepreneur born in Kobe. Kobe is famous for having welcomed thousands of immigrants during the 20th century from various Asian and Middle Eastern Countries, including India. As such, he was born in this international setting and was breed in this dynamic business and trading environment which dominated Kobe during the 80's and 90's. To gain international exposure, even as a pre-teenager he decided to move to from Japan to Switzerland where he attended the Institut Le Rosey until 1997, when he shifted to the United States to study business in Clark University in Massachusetts. Completing his college education in Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan, he soon became an avid entrepreneur after a few years in the Japanese media industry. Currently, Naruya is responsible for Nizona's operations, logistics and general management. Naruya speaks fluent Japanese, English and French. He loves football and is an active member of Kobe’s soccer community

Masahiro Tamura


Manufacturing & Supply

Masahiro is a pharmacist graduated from the Osaka Univeristy of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Member of a prominent family in the pharmaceutical and food business, Masahiro is the third generation CEO of Daibutsudo Pharmaceutical, a Japanese Ministry of Health GMP licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing facility located in Gose, Nara. As such, he brings to Nizona decades of experience in the manufacturing business in addition to strong relations in the Japanese industrial and business world, whose depths are virtually inaccessible to outsiders. Masahiro has developed a large number of Nizona's products and adapted existing Japanese products flavors and specifications to overseas local preferences. He is a strong believer in "Safety & Quality comes first" and as such is responsible for matters related with manufacturing, quality, and product supply within Japan. When Masahiro is not manufacturing or inspecting goods, he loves fishing and playing baseball with his children.