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NIZONA offers ‘Private Brand’ Japanese collagen products such as drinks, powders, jelly sticks, tablets, creams etc.

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We offer a range of Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Collagen Products, Beauty and Cosmetic Products, Wellness and Dietary Supplements.

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NJBT is an exclusive event and an excellent B2B platform to facilitate your visit to Japan through a totally pre-arranged schedule package. Booking for September 2018 NJBT event opening soon!

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NIZONA is participating at Gulfoods – UAE(Dubai) in ‘Japan Pavilion’ event, which is the world’s largest annual food & beverage exhibition.

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NIZONA offers high quality Japanese products in "Your brand" while taking care of all challenges. Our product lines include: Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Collagen products, Wellness and Dietary Supplements, Skincare Supplements and Cosmetics. Nizona’s continued aim is to “unveil the secret of Japanese health, longevity, beauty and share it with the world”.

Made in Japan products are of premium quality and have high perceived value. MADE IN JAPAN is almost a brand by itself and is synonymous with TRUST, CONFIDENCE and PREMIUM QUALITY. Japanese beauty, healthcare and innovative products are in great demand worldwide but have not been easy to source because of issues such as:

  • Communication gaps
  • Regulatory matters
  • High minimum order quantity
  • Lack of flexibility of changing formulations and packaging

Nizona offers:

  • A very wide variety of latest products
  • Flexibility of changing formulations & packaging
  • Lab Samples
  • Package designs in English or any of your local languages

Nizona Corporation is an authorized distributor for collagen products in India by Nippi, Incorporated (Japan)

"NJBT is an exclusive B2B platform to facilitate your visit to Japan through a totally pre-arranged schedule package. The purpose is introducing ‘Made in Japan’ private label beauty, health supplements, anti-aging, skin care supplements, cosmetics, immunity building, collagen products, health and slimming products, from their source in our Japanese manufacturing facilities."

Disclaimer:“The information displayed herein has not been evaluated and/or approved in any form by the Japan Ministry of Health, FDA and/or similar body in Japan or elsewhere. Please follow a balanced life-style, diet and exercise for general health and wellness. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Consult your doctor at all times. The information provided here is for informational purposes and we do not claim ownership thereof unless indicated otherwise.”